Friday, March 20, 2009

software enginnering

I know I am late for so many posts, but as Prof Ben says it's better late than never so I shall blog about Software engineering principles,

Software Engineering = Programming + Process + People

this is what I really brought home,

software is not that hard core actually, it's not only a science, but also an art,
and it takes time to acquire this skill.

programming is a science, it is something logical, how to code well and how to do the correct things , is a science which can be learnt, it can be taught .

process is how to get the project done, i feel that this is more of an art than science ,
you need to be experience to understand what are each of your team member's weakness and strong points, and try to make the best out of your team.

People is the most difficult part of the whole software engineering process,
handling programming is much more easier than handling people,
programming is so certain and predictable, each time you make a mistake,
there's a debugger that tells you what is wrong,

but for handling people , there's no debugger that tells you what have you done wrong,
it's up to you to figure out yourself, and everyone is different to determine what is the best strategy for everyone is really very difficult.

I have truely learn a lot from my groupmates Justin and Weiman about handling people and the process to get a project done,
thier presentation and the methods used were really an eye opener for me...

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  1. People is the most difficult part of the whole software engineering process

    Difficult is an understatement. :-P